About Us


Oakleigh South Primary School

Riley Street, Oakleigh South VIC

Email: Clubsec@balmoral.asn.au

Our History

Balmoral Calisthenics Club was established in 1955 and was known as Bentleigh Methodist Girls Gymnasium. It was based in a church hall on the corner over Balmoral Avenue and Centre Road, Bentleigh.

We have members who have been apart of the club for almost 40 years.

After 60+ years it has grown into a successful, competitive club.

Our Vision

To be a highly efficient calisthenics club that strives to develop and encourage all members to achieve their full potential and be recognized as a competitive successful club within the calisthenics area.

Our Values

  • To be dedicated to the development of our youth in the sport of calisthenics by promoting and providing the practice of good sportsmanship, character and fair play
  • To nurture a competitive spirit to succeed, with fun for all participants while never compromising the welfare and safety of our members
  • To be able to take advice and criticism in an effort to improve
  • To be humble and gracious both on and off the competitive stage while respecting our opponents in both victory and defeat
  • To have pride in one’s self and never give up

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